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Ordinazione online: un marketplace che centralizza la tua offerta

Vous gérez ou vous effectuez la livraison pour plusieurs restaurants, quelle que soit leur spécialité culinaire, et vous avez besoin d’un site de commande en ligne unique pour ces différentes enseignes ? LivePepper vous propose de mettre en place une marketplace, qui prend exemple sur le modèle des grandes plateformes de commande en ligne. Une solution idéale pour centraliser votre offre et ainsi vous positionner sur un marché en pleine expansion auprès des consommateurs.

A marketplace for online ordering: for whom? and why?

Firstly, it is worth recalling in a few words what a marketplace is. This type of online sales site has become essential, and has the particularity of bringing together several traders or brands. Subsequently, hence its name, “marketplace”.

In other words, it is a virtual marketplace where you can buy, in one place, from different sellers. This is notably the model chosen by Amazon to market consumer products: electronics, textiles, food, etc.

The marketplace multi-sellers, are particularly adapted to the companies offering delivery service, which work mostly with different restaurant partners having diverse specialities.

In general, the principles and objectives are the same: to have a single site bringing together the different restaurants (like Uber eats or Deliveroo).

Benefits for restaurants and delivery companies

The marketplace has advantages for restaurant owners as well as for their customers. That is to say, firstly it allows the merchant to centralize their entire offering on a single platform. To clarify, among other things, not only offering simplified management, but also better visibility. Consequently this improves the commercial potential of its brands.

The marketplace also makes work and organization easier for companies specializing in meal delivery. Likewise, it allows them to centralize the reception of orders, then to go around the partner restaurants to collect them, and deliver them to customers. To clarify, customers must order and pay per restaurant, but they can receive all of their products at the same time. Consequently, it should also be noted that the integration of the marketplace is done with a checkout software for each restaurant. On the delivery side, the marketplace often requires delivery management software (OrderLord for example) to centralize the orders to be delivered.

Marketplace: the design and presentation of your site

For your restaurant marketplace, your LivePepper team offers you two options:

  • the standard site, very ergonomic but necessarily limited in terms of design and presentation;
  • the bespoke site, personalized according to your graphic charter, and which recalls the design of the major players in the sector.

The standard site developed by LivePepper uses the following graphics, with a common home page for all restaurants:


As you can see, we distinguish between the different types of cuisine offered among the categories: Asian, pizzeria, creperie, etc. Moreover, the addresses of the restaurants concerned are displayed at the bottom of the home page:

























There is also the location page, which allows customers to choose the restaurant closest to where they live:


The restaurant’s online ordering site then looks like this:









On the online ordering site, the restaurant name appears at the top of the site, without a logo. That is to say, the design does not change: it therefore remains the same, regardless of the restaurant and speciality selected.

Your LivePepper team also offers a bespoke site for your marketplace. As below, the graphics are then more elaborated, and the options more numerous in the terms of design:



































Do you think that your activities are suitable for online ordering via a marketplace, which will centralize different brands? In addition, do you wish to take the plunge, and meet the new expectations of customers who buy their meals on the Web?

According to your needs and preferences, your LivePepper team supports you in setting up your marketplace. Do not hesitate to contact us: we are here to answer all your questions (contact@livepepper.com)!


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